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Readers' Submissions
Passion, Cockfighting, and Morality (January 24, 2011) by Dave Lather NEW!
Phang Nga Bay Sea Safari (February 8, 2010) by Simon Ramdsen
Bird's Nest Collectors of Koh Petra Marine Park (February 8, 2010) by Simon Ramdsen
Muay Thai Chaiya (October 28, 2009) by Antonio Graceffo
Befuddled in Sukhothai (June 20, 2009) by Kara Carlson
Chang Spirit on Elephant Island (March 22, 2009) by Rachel Jones
Sri Phang Nga National Park (September 29, 2008) by Greg McCann
Island-hopping Backpacker Style (July 17, 2008) by Carolyn Bonello
Nursing the Shan (July 17, 2008) by Antonio Graceffo
A Day in Loi Tailang (June 19, 2008) by Antonio Graceffo
The Other Karen Tribe (June 18, 2008) by Antonio Graceffo
Take a Long Walk Down a Short Pier (June 17, 2008) by Steve Tothill
Hot and S***ty (June 17, 2008) by Steve Tothill
Thailand Trains (May 10, 2008) by Charles Smith
Fire Ants and Jungle Rot (April 4, 2008) by Phil Goldman
Khao Phanom Bencha National Park (March 8, 2008) by Greg McCann
Party in My Shoes (March 2, 2008) by Amy Rankin
Boxing Till Fluency (December 1, 2007) by Antonio Graceffo
Tongue Tied in Surin (December 1, 2007) by Antonio Graceffo
Lost in Kaeng Krachan National Park (November 22, 2007) by Greg McCann
Shackled by the Neck (October 1, 2007) by Antonio Graceffo
The Muslim Fishermen of Phang Nga (July 20, 2007) by Antonio Graceffo
Tsunami Relief in the Form of Community Based Tourism (July 18, 2007) by Antonio Graceffo
Review: Only 13 (August 3, 2006) by Derek Sharron
Kick Boxing for Pride and Peanuts (July 16, 2006) by Antonio Graceffo
The Po-Thai-Don Adventure (April 30, 2006) by Matthew Vlemmiks
In an Akha Village (April 23, 2006) by Antonio Graceffo
Navigating Bangkok Rails and Rivers (November 21,2005) by S. Stampfli
Northeast to Khorat part 2: South to Ko Chang (June 7,2005) by S. Stampfli
7 days, 1100 Ks - Koh Chang and east Thailand beaches (May 15, 2005) by Jim CA2
Northeast to Khorat (May 7,2005) by S. Stampfli
Don't trust anyone on your birthday (April 18, 2005) Hernan Corizzo
Chiang Dao Mini-Nest Resort (February 5, 2005) by Ruth Wan
Matchstick Men (December 14, 2004) by Bill
Land of Smiles (December 14, 2004) by Bill
A Day Late and a Dollar Short (September 24, 2004) by Cynthia Barnes
Hat Yai - Penang Advice - Updated (June 23, 2004) by Charlie Smith
How Suite it is… Affordable luxury at Bangkok’s Sukhothai Hotel (March 29, 2004) by Nicole Koch
A Visit to the Ladies Prison (March 7, 2004) by Martin
Hat Yai Advice (December 12, 2003) by Charlie Smith
APEC - The True Story... (November 10, 2003) by Soppy

May 25, 2006
Tezza's Thai Islands and Beaches Travel Bits
Koh Chang (Andaman)
Koh Jum
Koh Ngai
Koh Pha-Ngan
Koh Phi Phi
Koh Tao
Krabi / Railey

Thailand Update:
Monthly columns:
JANUARY 2004 - Chicken Little and falling skies, fun police, Nana Plaza, casinos, riot reparation, racist pricing, language, Samui, Trink, and more. Posted January 27.

DECEMBER 2003 - Wise words, what's in an advertisement?, elephants in Bangkok, One Two No?, Thailand Elite Card, Beautiful Boxer, and more. Posted December 15.

NOVEMBER 2003 - Stupid is as stupid does, Loy Krathong, cheap airfares, getting around Bangkok, and more. Posted November 15.

OCTOBER 2003 - APEC is coming!, Royal barges, soi dogs, beggars, visas and visa runs, yellow paint, Fan Chan, and more. Posted October 15.

SEPTEMBER 2003 - Should I stay or should I go and if so, where? Blowing up Thailand, Butterfly Man, movie theaters, new LP Thailand, flashback of the month, website of the month, and more. Posted September 15.

AUGUST 2003 - Reverse scams, TAT, visa fees, truth and fairness, neighbor politics, onward tickets, expat life cycle, and more. Posted August 17.

JULY 2003 - Welcome, Thailand tourism, getting around Thailand, worries of malaria and dengue, dual-pricing schemes. Posted July 15.

The talesofasia guide to the toilets of Asia. Let's face it, if you're traveling for more than a couple of hours you're going to need to use a toilet. Where are the cleanest? What's the best place to run to in an emergency? Do I have to use my hand? What's the deal with squat toilets? What can I expect in Thailand? How about China? October 2003.


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February 24, 2006
Visa Overstay
Minor fine or major nightmare?

September 24, 2005
A few things you might not have thought about... especially for the guys.

April 29, 2005
Getting Around
Famous scams on rail and private "VIP" bus transport. Read this before taking the train or purchasing a bus ticket from ANY travel agent on or off Khao San Road to ANY location in or beyond Thailand.

April 17, 2005
Some thoughts.

Bangkok's Snake Farm
Pet a king cobra, kiss a python, dodge a mangrove. September 2003

Hua Hin / Prachuap Khiri Khan
A quick tour through the beach resorts of the northern peninsula gulf coast. September 2003

Northern Thailand by Motorbike
Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son to Pai and back to Chiang Mai by motorbike. January 2003

Mae Hong Son
Impressions of a popular tourist town. January 2003 (Part two of the Northern Thailand by Motorbike story)

Impressions of northern Thailand's banana pancake capital. January 2003 (Part three of the Northern Thailand by Motorbike story)

The Padaung Karen Longnecks
An editorial on the ethics of visiting a Karen 'longneck' village, and paying for it. January 2003

The *NEW* toa Blog
We regret that due to the incompetent actions of the internet hosting company EasyCGI, the Blog has been permanently destroyed and all posts from October 2007 to the present are gone. Please look for a new blog to resume... soon.

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