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The new capital and its bustling neighbor. My first introduction to Pakistan. May 2003

A taste of Afghanistan in the Pathan city. May 2003

Punjab architecture and Punjab stomachaches .May 2003

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Pakistan is one of those countries Americans like me aren't supposed to visit because everyone hates us and will, at best, make life miserable, and at worst, extremists will kidnap us as soon as we exit the airport chopping us to bits in the name of Allah! Well, that's a bunch of nonsense but that was sort of the reaction I got from people when I told then I was going to be here. Contained in these pages is a brief snapshot of Pakistan as I saw it in May 2003.


Readers' Submissions
Destitute Women (February 22, 2007) by Hina Shahid
Married to Injustice (September 1, 2006) by Hina Shahid
Discriminatory Laws and Pakistani Women (August 3, 2006) by Hina Shahid
A Globalizing World of Gender Inequality (April 28, 2006) by Hina Shahid
Islamabad to Peshawar to Kabul (February 19, 2004) by Christine Dimmock

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