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Two Dragons, Siem Reap
Guesthouse - Siem Reap



FAQ (and not so FAQ)

Legalities: visas, police, corruption (16) January 13, 2009
Transportation (19) May 17, 2010
Food and drink (14) July 24, 2008
Safety (10) January 24, 2009
Money (15) January 24, 2009
Health (11) March 14, 2007
Communications: internet, phone, TV, etc. (7) December 5, 2006
Photography (9) March 11, 2007
Tourist attractions (29) May 17, 2010
Miscellaneous: stuff that defies categorization (12) May 17, 2010



Accidents, traffic (Legal, Transportation)
Adoptions (Miscellaneous)
Air travel, international and domestic (Transportation)
Airport departure tax (Transportation)
Alone, female traveling (Safety)
Angkor Wat, Angkor Archaeological Park (Tourism)
Angkor, as a day trip (Tourism)

Angkor, cost (Tourism)
Angkor, days to see (Tourism)
Angkor, getting around (Tourism)
Angkor, guides (Tourism)
Angkor, open and close (Tourism)
Angkor, ownership (Tourism)
Angkor, restoration and maintenance (Tourism)

Angkor, sneaking in (Tourism)
Angkor, sunset (Tourism)
Angkor, tickets (Tourism)
Angkor, tickets, where does the money go (Tourism)
ATM (Money)

Bargaining (Money, Transportation)
Bars (Food and drink)
Beaches  (Tourism)
Beer (Food and drink)
Begging (Money)
Bird flu (Health)
Boats, speedboats (Transportation)
Boeung Kak Lake (Tourism)
Books, English language (Communications)
Books, used (Communications)

Cable TV, channels, cost (Communications)
Car rental (Transportation)
Cars, importing (Transportation)
Coffee (Food and drink)
Commissions, guesthouse, etc (Money)
Credit cards (Money)
Criminal offenses (Legal)
Currency, changing (Money)
Currency, changing - cheating (Money)
Currency, condition of money (Money)
Currency, counterfeit (Money)
Currency, foreign (Money)
Currency, local (Money)
Cyclos (Transportation)

Digital photography, CD burning (Photography)
Diseases (Health)
Disputes, foreigner vs. local  (Legal)
Driving, police stops  (Legal, Transportation)
Drugs (Health)
Drugs, counterfeiting (Health)
Drugs, illegal (Health, Legal, Miscellaneous)
Drugs, OTC (Health)
Drugs, prescription (Health)

Education, sponsoring (Miscellaneous)
Election violence (Safety)
E-visa (Legal)

Fast food (Food and drink)
Film, camera (Photography)
Fire safety (Safety)
Food (Food and drink)
Food, cost (Food and drink)
Food, hygiene, safety (Food and drink)
Food, incorrect orders (Food and drink)
Food, Khmer (Food and drink)
Food, special orders (Food and drink)

Food, Western (Food and drink)

Gifts (Miscellaneous)
Guidebooks (Tourism)

Hospitals, clinics (Health)

Ice (Food and drink)
Immigration procedures (Legal)
Internet (Communications)

Khmer Rouge, talking about  (Miscellaneous)

Land mine safety (Safety)
Language, Khmer (Miscellaneous)
Language, foreign (Miscellaneous)

Malaria (Health)
Motorcycles, importing, exporting (Transportation)
Motorcycles, purchasing (Transportation)
Motorcycles, registering (Transportation)
Motorcycles, rental (Transportation)
Motorcycles, safety (Transportation)

Newspapers, magazines (Communications)
NGO work (Miscellaneous)
Nightlife (Food and drink)

Onward tickets, proof of (Legal)
Overland transport to Cambodia (Transportation)
Overland transport within Cambodia (Transportation)

Pace of life (Miscellaneous)
Pedophilia (Legal)
Phnom Penh, things to see (Tourism)
Photographic processing (Photography)
Photographing people (Photography)
Photographing temples (Photography)
Poisonous animals (Safety)
Police, services, corruption, road stops (Legal, Transportation)
Post, sending and receiving mail (Communications)
Provinces, things to see (Tourism)
Provinces, things not to see (Tourism)

Relationships, western M, Asian F (Miscellaneous)
Restaurants (Food and drink)
Riots (Safety)
Road safety, accidents (Transportation, Legal)
Robbery, Phnom Penh (Safety)
Robbery, rural (Safety)

SARS (Health)
Scams (Tourism)
Siem Reap, safety (Safety)

Siem Reap, things to see (Tourism)
Snakes (Safety)
Supermarkets (Food and drink)
Sympathy (Miscellaneous)

Taxis, car and motorcycle (Transportation)
Telephones, fixed line and mobile (Communications)
Thailand, relations with (Safety)
Tipping (Money)
Toilets at Angkor (Tourism)
Trains (Transportation)
Transport, local and long distance (Transportation)
Traveler's Checks (Money)

Vaccinations (Health)
Visas (Legal)

Water, drinking (Food and drink)
Weather (Miscellaneous)
Wildlife (Safety)


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