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Cambodia Updates (August 2001 - November 2005)

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NOVEMBER 2005 - Three ways to hysteria, press freedoms, Air Asia, road rumors, visa deals and visa scams, changing face of Siem Reap, and more. Posted November 6.

OCTOBER 2005 - Curious business ventures, surveys, police land swaps, budget airlines, traffic police, lawsuits, guesthouse saga part twelve, and more. Posted October 7.

SEPTEMBER 2005 - Darkest Heart, airline merry-go-round, Sokimex, trucks and buses in Angkor Thom, pornography revisited, Koh Ker, Cambodia driving test, new border crossings with Vietnam, five-country visas, land mines, crashing riel, and more. Posted September 7.

AUGUST 2005 - Two steps forward and one step back, Earth to Apsara, NGO morons, baseball, telephone pornography, China, ATMs, guesthouse saga part eleven, and more. Posted August 7.

JULY 2005 - World's Dumbest Criminals, Apsara Authority does it again, Kompong Phluk fire, Hun Sen quote of the month, helping Siem Reap's image, internet in Cambodia, tearing down the lakeside, guesthouse saga part ten, and more. Posted July 4.

JUNE 2005 - The joys of life, Angkor tickets one and two, New airport for Ratanakiri, more Heart of Darkness warnings, Preah Vihear, Tonle Sap canal, guesthouse saga part nine, and more. Posted June 5.

MAY 2005 - Watching the police, preserving traditional Khmer script, departure tax bingo?, French and the airports, Killing Fields, tourism stats, celebs in Cambodia, cows at Angkor, guesthouse saga part eight, and more. Posted May 4.

APRIL 2005 - Profiling, guesthouse saga part seven, RCAF in Sudan, stupid season. reality check, selling the Killing Fields, intellectual property Angkor Air, and more. Posted April 5.

MARCH 2005 - Samdech speaks, new hospital for Siem Reap, bird flu hysteria, taxing fun, guesthouse saga part six, two to a tuk-tuk and none to a moto, and more. Posted March 4.

FEBRUARY 2005 - Accidents and compensation, airport taxis, one million arrivals, Koh Ker, guesthouse saga part five, McDonald's in Cambodia, Open Skies, and more. Posted February 4.

JANUARY 2005 - The year in review, tsunami, guesthouse saga part four, Khao San Connection revisited, Sam Douen, traffic lesson of the month, website of the month, and more. Posted January 4.

DECEMBER 2004 - Angkor tickets, buses, full moon, guesthouse saga part three, send me to school scam, traffic lesson of the month, moto logic, website of the month, and more. Posted December 3.

NOVEMBER 2004 - Bangkok to Siem Reap bus scams, new Minister of Tourism, guesthouse saga part two, traffic lesson, Siem Reap bars and mini-marts, website of the month, and more. Posted November 4.

OCTOBER 2004 - Opening a guesthouse in Siem Reap, crime issues, air news, new cars, driving skills, renovations, and more. Posted October 2.

SEPTEMBER 2004 - Seven years in Southeast Asia, World Bank and Hun Sen, tourism concerns, air news, Ministry of Tourism, more arrival figures, crime and punishment, phone silliness, and more. Posted September 1.

AUGUST 2004 - Transportation round-up, visa fun, robbery warning, crime, tourist bus scams, new books, Le Cyrcee, government, and more. Posted August 3.

JULY 2004 - Tall buildings, dodgy visas, rain, Anlong Veng development, money changing scam, tourism numbers, number plates, Raffles, new columnists, government, and more. Posted July 2.

JUNE 2004 - Low water in the Tonle Sap, Cambodia/Thailand relations, News reporting, transport updates, Naga casino, maps, and more. Posted June 1.

MAY 2004 - The weapon of nationalism, Coconut Gang again, bridge collapse, defending Cambodia, City of Ghosts, transport, heat, government, and more. Posted May 1.

APRIL 2004 - Deadly celebrations, Coconut Gang, Phnom Penh water, Phnom Penh traffic, Preah Vihear, Poipet border scam, road updates, lakes, thieves, marketing, tourism figures, and more. Posted April 1.

MARCH 2004 - The stalemate grows serious, fundraising, slingshots, new fun city?, liberal king, Kristof revisited, Cambodian Buddhism, responses to Cambodian-Thai relations, and more. Posted March 1.

FEBRUARY 2004 - Cambodia and Thailand: one year later, avian flu silliness, EDC panic, dollars and sense, jobsworths, robbery season, Poipet, holidays, skyscrapers, internet phones, Kristof columns, and more. Posted February 1.

JANUARY 2004 - The year in review, the year to come, avoiding conflict, front porch driving, website of the month, business opportunities, and more. Posted January 6.

DECEMBER 2003 - UNTAC and the Cambodian Cultural Village, motodop licensing revisited, Chong Khneas tourist boats, myths and misconceptions of Cambodia, Rostropovich at Angkor, bars, and more. Posted December 1.

NOVEMBER 2003 - Siem Reap curfew, motodop licensing, bauk, transportation update, shootings, more election stalemate, Cambodia Cultural Village, bars, awnings revisited, and more. Posted November 1.

OCTOBER 2003 - The great Siem Reap awning incident, Pub Street, adult entertainment in Siem Reap, A Peace of Art Project, the circus comes to Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap book, election news, Battambang, Mekong in the air and in the water, pedophile update, website of the month, business opportunities, and more. Posted October 1.

SEPTEMBER 2003 - Election stalemate, Rock at Angkor Wat, road safety, terrorists in Cambodia, Siem Reap bars and nightlife, highways and borders again, The Gate, website of the month, crime alert, Sokimex again, Cambodia in the news, business opportunities, and more. Posted September 1.

AUGUST 2003 - Election results, air news, safety concerns, bag snatchers, coffee with the police, McAngkor, western vs Khmer, election promises, dark hearts, chumpsky, business opportunities, and more. Posted August 1.

JULY 2003 - SARS recovery, elections, Koh Ker tourism, Images of Angkor, roads, a pleasant surprise in Poipet, embassy reports, business opportunities, and more. Posted July 1.

JUNE 2003 - Terrorists in Cambodia?, upcoming elections, Cambodia's parallel universe, Preah Vihear opens in Thailand, more SARS silliness, creative restaurant ordering, Talesofasia in time, business opportunities, and more. Posted June 3.

MAY 2003 - Hysteria, motorbike rentals, a Rotten Durian award, Thai-Cambodian relations restored, visas, trees, bargaining, airplanes, business opportunities, nightlife, NGOs, and more. Posted May 1.

APRIL 2003 - Temple looting, Thai-Cambodian relations, motodop licensing, visa scams, bars, business opportunities, transport scams, curious explanations, Khmer New Year, SARS, war in Iraq, being an American, face, and more. Posted March 31.

MARCH 2003 - Riots in Phnom Penh - the aftermath, business opportunities, fun with the fire police, road report, visa fees, airports, bars, brothels, and more. Posted March 1.

FEBRUARY 2003 - Riots in Phnom Penh, Preah Vihear opens, Mekong Airways, balloons, Apsara Authority, bridges, cars, roads, free Angkor guidebooks, splashes, crashes, colors, and more. Posted January 31.

JANUARY 2003 - Siem Reap terrorism?, Hun Sen and roads, road updates, Cambodia's toilet capital, more silly ideas for Angkor, Sihanoukville motodops, jobs, weather, toll booths, and more. Posted January 2.

DECEMBER 2002 -  Another Poipet story, updates on the ASEAN summit and updates on the highways, Siem Reap nightlife, more hysterical embassy warnings, and more. Posted November 30.

NOVEMBER 2002 -  ASEAN summit, keeping Phnom Penh clean, Rotten Durian award, road updates, another boat sinks, Koh Kong visa corruption, internet rates, intellectual property - an editorial, Bali bombing and embassy warnings, and much more. Posted October 31.

OCTOBER 2002 - Thoughts on the tourism industry, pedophile watch, airline news, humor and oddities, roads, borders, new banknotes, and much more. Posted September 30.

SEPTEMBER 2002 - National news: new border openings, visas on arrival, new guidebooks, price wars; Siem Reap news: a boat sinks, a tree falls; Phnom Penh news: homeless, shopping malls; Thailand talk, and more. Posted August 31.

AUGUST 2002 - Phnom Penh and Amsterdam compared, finessing touts to your advantage, boat scam?, justice at work, Thailand talk, and more. Posted July 31.

JULY 2002 - Who is she? - a profile of a taxi girl, road destruction, share taxi hassles, Angkor tickets, Fielding's and other guidebooks, and more. Posted June 30.

JUNE 2002 - Another sad passing, clarifications, health care and pharmacies, Siem Reap - Poipet road update, police services, and more. Posted May 31.

MAY 2002 - "The Magic of Cambodia", rain, motodop hassles, airport departure tax, meeting the police, the Ministry of Tourism publishes a FAQ, more thoughts on overcharging and dealing with it, and more. Posted May 16.

APRIL 2002 - Illuminating Angkor Wat, fixing Banteay Srei, protecting copyrights part 2, fun with dodgy banks, visa and immigration fun, motodop mafias, the upcoming Khmer New Year, infrastructure development in Siem Reap, highway construction updates, and more. Posted March 30.

MARCH 2002 - A sad passing, Phnom Penh safety, developing Ratanakiri, new border crossings, Phnom Penh and Singapore compared, the latest on Poipet and the road to Siem Reap, commune election, a new national carrier, and more. Posted March 2.

FEBRUARY 2002 - Commune elections, logging the Cardamoms, road construction, life as a motodop, a FAQ of sorts, and more. Posted January 31.

JANUARY 2002 - Intellectual property rights, souvenir selling at the Angkor temples, Anlong Veng tourism, Route 6 land usage and the Apsara Authority, an NGO needs help, Siem Reap round-up: baggage trolleys, motorbike rentals, local road work, and fast food. More scams on the Bangkok to Siem Reap overland trip, and more. Posted January 2.

DECEMBER 2001 - Nightclub closings, fires, September 11, cyclos at night, more overland hassles, what a difference a shirt makes, and more. Posted November 30.

NOVEMBER 2001 - Photo exhibition, Cambodia development or the lack thereof, Siem Reap hassles - getting there and staying there, fun with airplanes, new war museum in Siem Reap,  the latest on the Siem Reap to Poipet highway, photo identification contest, some thoughts about future discussions on the Cambodia sex industry, and more. Posted October 31.

OCTOBER 2001 - Thoughts on dual-pricing, more updates on the Siem Reap to Poipet highway - as fast as ever but is this Cambodia's next death highway?, an old Siem Reap law putting you off a motorbike is revitalized, and an insider's tip on some good places to eat in Siem Reap. Posted October 2.

SEPTEMBER 2001 - Siem Reap motodops, Angkor Wat under a full moon, more fun with motodops, barriers at Banteay Srei, attitudes on domestic violence, Siem Reap tourist safety, Angkor ticket scams, and updates on dengue and the Siem Reap to Poipet highway. Posted August 31.

AUGUST 2001 - News about dengue fever, the improved road between Siem Reap and Poipet with information about the border crossing and making the overland trip. Also my latest thoughts on the Phnom Penh painting campaign and the practice of paying commissions. Posted August 1.




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