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Lay Vicheka's 30 Quotes For August 2005

by Lay Vicheka

August 27, 2005

1. Unless you know who you are, you can't proceed further.

2. Any existent product is started with "aspiration".

3. Every path has its end and will be totally broken one day, educational path has no termination and will always demand betterments from day to day.

4. Start your new life, by wondering, "what is the purpose of my life".

5. Never forget your past, but be always obsessive with your aspiring future.

6. Be genuinely honest with your self, then you will still be satisfied though today is your final day.

7. Be ambitious, but in your own way, not another's way.

8. If one thing makes you regretful, there are countless more things, near and far, longing for your fulfillment.

9. Fulfill as much as possible for this life, because you don't know that whether next life exists or not. Whether next life elitists or not is not important, because life and death has its own motive.

10. For self-actualization, self-independence is not adequate; you need to be financially sovereign.

11. If you think you are good and others think that you are good, you don't need to boast about yourself, let the others boast about you, then you have no mistakes.

12. Be always alert! Making your life as serious as doing a huge investment.

13. Looking around you! There is nothing that is made of funny endeavor, but all are the products of serious hardship. So should your life be product-oriented or nothingness-oriented? You might be mature enough to answer this question.

14. You are contradicting the law if you stop fulfilling yourself, while you still eat three times per day, drink enough water, enjoy daily snack, and have adequate sleep.

15. Your hope must prevail, as you are entitled to have today and tomorrow

16. Be sympathetic to your surrounding living entities, then you will be satisfied with who you are and what you have accomplished.

17. Write you own constitution, and firmly respect it from cradle to crave. And hold it even in the last minute of your life.

18. There are many forms of entertainment, but not all entertainment is intelligent. Some entertainments are stupid. You decide yourself, which entertainment is intelligent and which is stupid.

19. Do not expect to have everything, you will have it when you don't have to think about it.

20. Take serious approaches to every daily routine and solution.

21. You innately preserve the right to tell lie, but you are fully accountable for its repercussion.

22. You are lucky to live until today, since just a minute ago you was not accidentally murdered. Learn how to use you luck for another luck.

23. Always bear in mind that, every complication starts with simplicity, every civilization starts with simple thought.

24. Take some times alone every day to think of your surrounding.

25. Human being must firmly hold dignity in both life and death.

26. The most important of education is "understanding"

27. No one will be able to convince that you are the loser, if you thought you are the winner within your self.

28. No one at all that can distinguish between right and wrong, fact and fiction, it is within you to judge it.

29. No one is totally better than another, because philosopher can't play football

30. Take philosophical approach to everything


The author is a final year student of law at the University of Phnom Penh.

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