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Monivong Blvd: a poem

by Santel

Standing down the Monivong Boulevard
Watching the place where you used to stand
Wondering if you still living up there

I’ve been far away from home for years
Looking for gold in somewhere else
Waiting for the day coming back home
But now you’re gone

Monivong Boulevard, how come you break my heart?
Monivong Boulevard, why am I still fooling around?
She’s gone and won’t come back
It’s just a place where she used to live
Now she lives another life in another place

Down here there are so many Cyclo drivers
They are homeless, no chair to sit no bed to sleep
Under the raining coat they sleeps in their Cyclo
They live their life on the streets
They close their eyes but inside
They think about their wife
They think about their children
They worry about tomorrow
If they have enough money to send home
If their children have enough rice to eat
If there’s enough water in the rice field

Monivong, boulevard of business
Monivong, boulevard of the riches
Monivong, boulevard of the poors
Monivong, boulevard of rendezvous
Monivong, boulevard of separation

Goodbye Monivong, goodbye Cambodia,
I won’t come back either
I have so many things to say but let’s say goodbye
I know I will miss you but let’s say goodbye
Monivong Boulevard you are always in my heart.

Phnom Penh, October 9, 2003

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