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Cambodia's Heroes Should Be Revoked

by Lay Vicheka

December 10, 2005

Crossed the bridge of positively and negatively perplexed history, there is no doubt that many world intellectuals and I do believe that Cambodia must boast countless lessons to teach the world. But our bitter history has been the most rational motive to prove that much of our established lesson have been lost or misplaced into the extremely dark ocean.

I have always been greatly persuaded by Doctor Adler’s statement; “success means never feeling tired.” With reference to that, success will definitely be created when we tirelessly endeavor to revoke our lessons established by our ancestors. And now it is time for us to do so. We shall start now to revoke our lesson and I will definitely one of the adherers to those like-minds.

Single-mindedly, the title “Cambodia’s Heroes Should Be Revoked” is to remind all of us; interest groups, professionals and other laypersons to start rediscovering, rewriting, teaching or even drawing public interests of our deceased heroes or those important persons who have been ignored.

As I subconsciously said above, those heroes of all sectors; artistic or humanity, can be of great lessons for us, as well as to the world. Losing them means that we are losing the priceless properties that money can not buy and that will never be renewable.

Yes, even God can not reinvent the history, but he never states that we can not learn it or that history is not valuable. To me, learning about those dead ancestors can prevent us from making the same mistakes and doing more rational analysis of our state of affairs.

Everyday, on the net, periodicals and other print media, biography or histories of the western history-makers always cover the issues. Cambodia’s already-produced heroes such as Chhuon Nat, NOU Hach, Sinsisamot (singer), Lon Nol, Norodom Sinahouk, etc are really hard to find on the net or printed media.

Recently, a head of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has granted Nobel Peace Prize. This is one of the points to provoke important persons and I really love to see Cambodian national stands on such the international stage.

Please, to those who are reading, help to make my just paper opinion into reality. And yes, together, we will make Cambodia resurgent.


The author is a final year student of law at the University of Phnom Penh.

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