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Note: The following prefaces this as well as the East Timor sections as they were all compiled as part of an overland guide for travel between Dili and Jakarta:

This guide is the result of nine weeks of overland travel between Dili in The Democratic Republic of East Timor (Timor Leste) and Jakarta, Java, Indonesia. All prices quoted for travel, accommodation, etc in Timor Leste are in USD. All prices quoted for travel in Indonesia are quoted in Rupiah. At the time of writing the exchange rate was approximately 10050 Rupiah to 1 USD.

All of the prices quoted for Indonesia are "low season" i.e. September / October. Expect to pay more during peak travel times, especially for accommodation. Transport in Indonesia increases in cost between 15 and 20 percent during Ramadan and travelling by train at the end of Ramadan (especially in Java) is not a great idea due to the crowds. East Timor sees so few visitors that prices are generally stable year round. Through bargaining we generally managed to obtain a 10 - 20% discount in travel and some accommodation, which is included in all quoted prices. Prices quoted for food and consumables (water, cigarettes, beer) are about as close to 'harga pas' (or local prices) as a tourist is likely to come without being an exceptionally frugal individual, or having a very deep suntan and a fluent knowledge of Tetum (the local language of East Timor ) and Bahasa Indonesia.

As this guide was compiled as part of a holiday it can hardly claim to be a definitive guide to traveling between these two cities. Without a doubt, there are better (and certainly worse) ways of making the trip. Hopefully this guide will give you some idea of what to expect in the way costs, time, hassles and highlights.

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