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A quick quide to the Tetum language

A Tetum dictionary / phrase book is pretty hard to come by (although the Xanana Reading Room in Dili may have one if you are interested in learning more). The following is a brief list of greetings, transactions, etc.

Good Morning : Bon dia

Good Afternoon : Bontarde

Good Night : Bonoite

Hello : Elo

Goodbye : Adeus

Please : Favor ida

How are you? : Diak ka lai?

Good, thanks : Diak, obrigadu (when addressing a man), Diak obrigada (when addressing a woman)

Where are you going? : Ita ba nebee?

Where is (the market)? : Merkadu (Basar) iha nebee?

How much is this? : Nee folin hira?

That is too expensive! : Karun los!

I will give you ...... dollars : Hau foo dolar ...... (use Indonesian numbers when buying).

Excuse Me : Kolisensa

I'm Sorry! : Deskulpa!

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