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Cambodia Links

Not the most comprehensive listing around, but if it's here, then I probably think there's something good about it.

If there's a site that you think should be listed here, let me know. Likewise, if something here doesn't work, let me know.

Updated September 21, 2005

Discussion forum/Message boards

Here are several message boards devoted exclusively to Cambodia:

Khmer440 - an expat based board.

Poppalorn Board - low traffic, but quality.

Khmer Connection


Cambodia Forums

All three of these have a lot of Khmers, the first, Khmer Connection, seems to be the largest.

Andy Brouwer's website has had a forum for awhile now. Not a lot of traffic but some quality content and some knowledgeable people check in regularly. On the downside are all the pop-up ads (Hey, Andy, you can get free boards that are ad free!) and the lack of attentive moderation which, combined with some very narrow political viewpoints from some contributors make intelligent discussions of, for example, politics, neighbor relations, etc, virtually impossible here.

Travellerspoint - travel forum though not limited to Cambodia.

What would it be if I didn't mention the Lonely Planet Thorntree - huge forum. Most questions should get a reasonably useful answer but there's still a lot of misinformed people posting what they think is correct information. Go to the Southeast Asia (Mainland) branch for Cambodia.

General information/Comprehensive websites

Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales - The author's travel tales continue to be an excellent source of information on out of the way places and rarely visited temples. A regularly updated bibliography of Cambodia related books as well as comprehensive reviews remain a staple of this long-running website. Forum.

Angkor Portal - a clearinghouse of news and links offering up-to-date info on visiting Angkor and Cambodia.

Beauty & Darkness - Excellent resource for understanding Cambodia's modern history. Also includes a comprehensive links page, bibliography, and more.

Canby Publications - publisher of the free guidebooks to Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and Sihanoukville.

Bayon Pearnik - This long-standing Phnom Penh based magazine for living and traveling in Cambodia has finally put together a useful website with plenty of information for getting around and getting to it in Cambodia. You can also download via pdf file, an ad-free version of the monthly magazine.

Khmer440 - Expat-based website with particular emphasis on living and working in Phnom Penh, among other things it's a good source for English teaching info. Includes a lot of stories and opinions and a discussion forum, not so different from this site in that respect.

The Pookai Book Project - Run from the States. Near daily weblog that searches the internet for newsworthy items. Compehensive links section.


Camweb.org - Cambodian Cyber Culture

Shalala Cambodia - Links to quality, or in their words: "Directory of Beautiful Cambodian Sites". Opinionated. By Khmers.

Rich Garella's House

Discover the World - A large portal site that covers the world.

Taxi Vantha - Predominantly expat Phnom Penh based taxi service is putting together a bit of a website on Cambodia.

Global Voices - Comprehensive listing of personal blogs and more.


Hidden Cambodia offers guided tours, motorcycle and four-wheel drive, throughout Cambodia with emphasis on the northwest region.

Angkor Dirt Bike Tours : Tours in the extreme. Guided motorbike tours throughout Cambodia.

Farangonline.com is the website for the budget traveler's magazine Farang. Recently overhauled and a whole lot better for the effort.

Passplanet is a budget traveler's guide that offers an abundance of practical information and informed advice.

Rene van Dam has a site dedicated to two things I love - travel and photography.

Bernhard Heiser provides more travel, photography, and practical information at his website.

Linus Harms : photography and some accompanying text though some of the text is in Dutch. Also has a section on Afghanistan.

The Internet Travel Guide provides practical travel information for Cambodia, as does Lonely Planet.

George Moore maintains a page with extensive links to other sites that contain useful information for the traveler in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Pictures of Angkor - collection of photos from Angkor and Siem Reap by Christine Ross.

Mr. Pumpy - Bicycling Cambodia - name says it all.

Boots-n-All - a clearinghouse of worldwide travel information.

I Know Asia is another clearinghouse of travel information for Asia. They gave Tales of Asia a 5-star rating so the least I could do is link back to them. Thanks, folks!

Miquel Trujillo - some good photos from around the world with one small gallery devoted to Cambodia. But please turn the music off.


Sharky Bar


Cafe California 2

Shanghai Bar

Social things

King Norodom Sihanouk - the former king's website

Child Rights Cambodia - Website focusing on the sexual exploitation of minors.

Yates Web - educational projects in Anlong Veng and more.

In April 2000, the Boston Herald ran a Cambodia Series detailing many of Cambodia's contemporary problems.


Phnom Penh Post

Agence Kampuchea Presse

Cambodia Politics

Lotsa Links

IIAS Southeast Asian Studies Virtual Library has many links on a variety of subjects.


Guesthouses, restaurants, tours and more
Cambodia businesses to serve your every need.



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